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Unity ICT Philosophy

Unity ICT exists to allow its customers access to the whole range of Information and Communications Technologies. There are many different providers of the hardware, software and connectivity that make up the world of ICT; our aim is to ensure that all the pieces of this jigsaw fit together to work for you.

 No single manufacturer or provider has all the best products or all the answers. All too often, problems are caused by trying to force square pegs to fit into round holes. Unity ICT is vendor independent; we try hard to select the most appropriate products for our customers' needs.

 Installation and implementation of a Unity solution will always be carried out by partners who are specialists in the products that our customers choose. Our network of partners is selected in consultation with the relevant manufacturer or provider to ensure that we always use "best of breed" experts. This gives our customers confidence and peace of mind when making important investment decisions.

 Today's leading technology may be tomorrow's scrap or unable to keep pace with changes in our customer's organisation. Unity ICT always make every effort to future proof solutions and to allow you space and adaptability for future choices.

 Your ICT needs and problems are our business; we want to be your partner to help solve them both now and for the long term.  


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